This is why wish brick  allow return of building materials bought under the following conditions:

  1. The materials delivered are different from the materials ordered by customers. The difference can be in terms of brand, size/dimensions, type of the material ordered.
  2. At time of delivery, if the materials are found to be damaged/defective/tampered could be returned If materials are being returned, has to be informed at time of delivery by sending a mail or directly by calling us.  

Why we will not accept return.

  1. The materials have been tampered with after delivery.
  2. We do not accept partial returns.
  3. The materials have been opened/used, either fully or partially.

we will refund the customer the amount that has been paid for the material If replacement for the materials returned is unavailable,. The refund will be carried out through online bank transfer via NEFT/RTGS.